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This looks like Apple’s Calendar control which you see on the iPhone’s built-in Calendar.

It features dragging to change the day. Fast scrolling months by tapping and holding on an arrow, scrolling to adjacent months either by arrow or tapping on a month belonging to different month. You can show a dot for days with an event. You can even show your own icon instead of the dot.

The component also comes with a view controller that shows a regular UITableView below the calendar which you can customize with your own cells.

DTCalendarView is a class of it’s own as of version 2.0 so you can use it anywhere you need a calendar, even as a replacement for UIDatePicker. Also I put my secret sauce UIView+sliding into the project, as a free bonus. This category extension allows you to slide in any kind of UIView from the bottom of the screen. Together with DTCalendarView you get magic: a drop in UIDatePicker replacement!

Price: 50 EUR (How many U.S. Dollars?)

Apps using this component:

Customer Quotes:

“I was able to modify it to fit my needs a little better and dropped it into one of my pre-existing apps as an update with this new feature. I also created just a standalone app with your code that I modified for my purposes and submitted it to apple. Apple approved the update and the new app yesterday in record time (4 hours!!) I might add and they are in the app store now.” (Neal Layton)

Thank you so much for developing your new Calendar-based date picker, the CalendarViewController. I was looking for a better solution for creating itineraries in my eTicket family of Disney vacation planning apps and I am very happy with the results we got with CalendarViewController 2.0. It was very simple to integrate, even into our complex app. This is such a great improvement for picking dates, especially dates far out into the future. (Josh Kornoff)

Here’s video demo of all the changes in version 2.

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