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The wait is over! After almost a full year of development we present iWoman 2.0. This brings you all the features our reviewers requested: cycle overview, calendar view, passcode lock, recording of basal temperature with charting, notes and intercourse tracking.

Thousands of women worldwide have already discovered the amount of control that iWoman affords them over their biological cycle. So can you!

The intuitive interface allows to quickly add information about a new cycle and will estimate number of days and cycle start date from previously entered dates.

In addition to the list view there is a wheel view that depicts the current stage of the cycle and lets you inspect the near future. The new monthly calendar view gives another useful perspective and allows for entering facts on a daily basis: notes, basal temperature and intercourses.

The best feature of iWoman is that you can easily estimate future dates when you might be indisposed and make certain that your cycle does not interfere with your next vacation.

Keeping track of your female cycle with our handy tool puts you in charge!

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