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Our philosophy is to build code that can be used over and over again. Often this code is packaged into a set of classes that we then sell here. For your purchase you get lifetime access to the Git repository where the code lives and is continued to be improved.

Documentation for all our private and public source components is available at

Please have a look at the terms and conditions before you order.


Allows parsing and validation of iTunes App Store receipts. Receipts also contain the In App Purchase receipts. For auto-renewable subscriptions the subscription expiration date is available.

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DTKeychain is a modern and simple keychain wrapper that works on iOS and OS X.

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DTRichTextEditorView a view that combines the richness of DTCoreText with UITextInput to give you the editing capabilities you need to change text editing on iOS forever.

On June 22nd, 2015, the editor become Open Source.

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This looks like Apple’s Calendar control which you see on the iPhone’s built-in Calendar.

It features dragging to change the day. Fast scrolling months by tapping and holding on an arrow, scrolling to adjacent months either by arrow or tapping on a month belonging to different month. You can show a dot for days with an event. You can even show your own icon instead of the dot.

The component also comes with a view controller that shows a regular UITableView below the calendar which you can customize with your own cells.

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A simple to use, yet highly customizable Charting class.

Data is fed to it via delegate methods. The Chart supports endless scrolling, orientation changes, tap to show data labels. It currently has lines, bars next to each other and bars that are stacked on top of each other.

Bars or areas below/above lines can be custom-shaded. Line Points can also be custom-drawn.

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BarCodeKit is a library which allows for generating common 1D bar codes on iOS. You can display them on the device, add them to PDF documents or print them to stickers via Air Print.

You get a FREE license for BarCodeKit with purchase of my book Barcodes with iOS!

Please read our announcement to get an overview over the project. Documentation is available online.

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