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Manning offers three books (including mine) as Deal of the Day, for February 22th. A new chance to get in on a sweet deal!

Use promo code dotd022215au to get 50% off any of these books throughout February 24th.

This book took up the better part of 15 months to polish into the only one its kind. It just might be the very first vertical tech book. I am not referring to the way how you would place it on your shelf. A horizontal book typically would only cover one technology layer. A vertical book, like this one, slices through multiple technologies that are to some degree connected to barcode technologies. Using barcodes as a common theme, it introduces several other technologies which complement barcodes nicely: RESTful web-services, OAuth, iBeacons, Core Location, NSURLSession, MapKit, Core Image, AVFoundation and many more.

You also get a €150 value included for free with this book: you get a free license to use BarCodeKit, the only modern framework for generating 1D barcodes on iOS and OS X. Regardless of where you have gotten your copy of Barcodes with iOS from, please go to your site and drop me a short review. This is invaluable so that people can know what they are missing. 😉

To get the word out about the recent paper-version release we are interested in finding a couple of people review the book on their blogs. We’d be happy to supply free copies for this purpose and also a couple for giveaways. Email me if you have a blog and are interested in this promotion.

Barcodes with iOS

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