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Best practices running an iOS open source project on GitHub

This is the second talk (of two) I gave at Mobiconf 2014. The first one – about barcodes – is available to watch here.


Since I became full-time self-employed in January 2014 I have created and maintained several Open Source projects. I have developed a certain style – “best practises” – to keeping the projects in good shape. Because of this I felt it an easy second topic to prepare a talk for.

My outline was:

  • Structuring your project for the open source repository (core, demo, test)
  • Working with “the successful git branching model”
  • Using Resource Bundles to group your resources
  • No-worry auto-generated documentation via appledoc
  • How Travis-CI unit-testing simplifies dealing with pull requests
  • Implementing CocoaPods support
  • Working with GitHub issues, milestones and making shining releases

Here’s the result, slides are available as PDF.

More info about ProductLayer can be found here.

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