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All You Need to Know to Leverage Barcodes in Your Apps

This is the first of two talks i gave at Mobiconf 2014. The second one – about Open Source – is available to watch here.


When Miquido asked me for proposals for two talks the first one was easy. Since I had been working on barcode-related technologies for the better part of a year, I felt that I had many interesting things to share.

My outline was loosely based on the table of contents of my book:

  • A primer on barcode technology – so you won’t embarrass yourself talking about it
  • The kinds of barcode symbologies supported in iOS and where to find them
  • Getting to know AV Foundation for barcode scanning
  • The case for generating barcodes on mobile devices, Core Image and BarCodeKit
  • Connecting the digital and physical worlds

And here’s the resulting talk. I recorded it with a label microphone on an old iPhone and recorded the slideshow with Quicktime Player. Slides are available as PDF.

More info about ProductLayer can be found here.

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  1. What is your definition of leverage, as you use it? I can’t see any connection to the dictionary definition.


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