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DTCoreText 1.6.11

In the 3 months since the previous release quite a few things happened on the development branch of DTCoreText. Additionally there were some issues related to iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1 that needed urgent addressing. Even though there are a few new features I decided to go with a bug fix version number. This way if somebody is using DTCoreText via CocoaPods and has the the version restricted to 1.6.x he gets all the critical fixes.

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  • FIXED: Crash on 64-bit CPU if an element had no foreground color
  • FIXED: CGColor sanity check randomly fails
  • FIXED: Implicit conversion warnings in DTHTMLWriter
  • FIXED: Analyzer warnings in DTHTMLWriter
  • FIXED: Compatibility of NSColor for deployment targets prior to OS X 10.8
  • FIXED: Various documentation fixes
  • CHANGED: Manual drawing of underlines removed as of iOS 7
  • CHANGED: Completeness of AppleDoc comments now part of unit tests
  • ADDED: Options parameter to setting HTML string convenience method on DTAttributedTextCell
  • ADDED: Support for CSS “background” shorthand
  • ADDED: Screenshot button to Demo app
  • ADDED: NSCoding support for DTTextAttachment, DTTextBlock and DTCSSListStyle

Major contributors to this release were Ryan Johnson, Wim Haanstra and Jean-Charles Bertin.

I had to revert one addition where glyph runs would use the current drawing context foreground color for filling. Unfortunately CoreText bug I reported long time ago is still acting up, the attributes dictionary of a glyph run returns an invalid CGColor reference which causes a crash drawing a glyph run later on. As a workaround we need to have all elements have a default color.

The update is tagged on the GitHub repo and also available via CocoaPods.

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