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Radar: Make Aztec and PDF417 Core Image generators public

There are 3 generators in Core Image for 2D barcodes, but only the one for creating QR codes is documented. So I filed a bug report suggesting that the documentation was “missing”. I also sent an email to the responsible Apple evangelist.

The response I got from Apple was that if something was not documented it is to be considered private. The bug report about adding the documentation for Aztec and PDF417 was closed.

So I filed a new bug report, this time as an enhancement request, as rdar://16341653 and on OpenRadar.

It is intentionally short as to be absolutely clear what my request is:

The Aztec and PDF417 Core Image barcode generators are currently in iOS 7 as private APIs. Please make them public so that we developers can also generate these in our apps.

That’s it. Please dupe it or file your own.

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  1. Any update on this radar?

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