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DTCoreText 1.6.2

This hot fix update of DTCoreText addresses a few issues that arose from the cleanup and reorganisation of DTFoundation 1.5.0.


  • FIXED: Unable to run Demo App due to missing symbols
  • FIXED: Random issues with CocoaPods setup where DTHTMLParser subspec could not be found
  • FIXED: Hyphenated line has incorrect stringRange
  • FIXED: LineCreateJustifiedLine sometimes fails if the line ends with soft hyphen

This release’s MVP is Konstantin Boukreev for contributing 2 fixes via pull request. Thank you!

The missing symbols where a result of me moving several classes into sub-specs for the cocoapods spec. They still need to be in the global DTFoundation static lib which is used by DTCoreText, so I re-added them to the static library and static framework.

The random issues with CocoaPods where somewhat counter-intuitive. Even though the DTCoreText podspec stated that it wanted DTFoundation 1.4.4 there seemed to be a case where it still was looking for the new subspec name DTHTMLParser instead of the old – incorrect – DTHMLParser. The 1.6.2 podspec now references 1.5.x and thus this should no longer occur.

The two fixes contributed by Konstantin are related to hyphenation. If you have a hyphenation process that adds the soft hyphen character to the attributed string then these fixes address some problems there.

Please note that if you have an open issue with DTCoreText you have to either fix it yourself and provide a pull request, or sponsor the fix.

Shout Outs

Three shout outs go to apps which have been reported as using DTCoreText.

Travel Guide – Find Places Nearby (FREE)

This travel guide uses Wikipedia to compile very nice dynamic travel guides based on your location.

Travel Guides Travel Guides using DTCoreText

qando (FREE)

This is a public transit time table app for Vienna, Austria. They give a proper credit in the Used Libraries section.


Giornale di Sicilia (FREE)

I don’t speak any Italian, could be anything. Most likely it is a Sicillian newspaper. 🙂

Giornale di Sicilia Giornale di Sicilia using DTCoreText

If you have any app published that uses DTCoreText, let me know by e-mail or Twitter and I’ll give it a shout out in the next release.

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