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DTFoundation 1.5.0

This update for DTFoundation was originally 1.4.5. But some breakage occurred from fixing the name of a sub spec. So the solution was promote that to 1.5.0. This works because DTCoreText references 1.4.4 which means that it only sees the last version of DTFoundation which still has the typo.

The main theme – besides some minor fixes – was a big clean up effort which aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary classes in the Core and UIKit sub specs, as well as rename the DTHMLParser sub-spec to DTHTMLParser.

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Version 1.5.0

  • CHANGED: DTASN1 Moved to sub-spec, out of Core
  • CHANGED: DTScripting classes moved to sub-spec, out of Core
  • CHANGED: DTAlertView, DTActionSheet, UIView+DTActionHandlers moved to UIKit_BlocksAdditions sub-spec, out of UIKit
  • CHANGED: Moved DTDebug methods for UIColor and UIView into sub-folder, no spec
  • CHANGED: Moved Obj-C runtime methods to sub-folder, no spec
  • ADDED: DTAWS for communicating with Amazon Web Services
  • ADDED: Method on DTSmartPagingScrollView for accessing a specific page’s view
  • FIXED: Typo on DTHTMLParser sub-spec
  • FIXED: Parsing the OS X version string was incorrect in DTVersion
  • FIXED: DTExtendedFileAttributes was using hard-coded length for buffer

Note: While there are no breaking API changes the podspec cleanup will probably require updating your dependencies if you use projects that directly or indirectly depend on DTFoundation.

The update is tagged on GitHub as well as available via updated Cocoapods spec.

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