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DTCoreText 1.2.0

Funny Story: right after I published my findings on how to work CocoaPods I received a couple of pull requests. Should it be actually be the case that fellow developers are beginning to take notice of DTCoreText?

I admit, that for the first few tags/versions of DTCoreText I didn’t take CocoaPods seriously. But since I got down how to work with sub-modules and sub-specs I find that it gives me a great deal of pleasure to keep my specs current.

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As your software matures people want to use a stable version of your library. That’s what versioning is for. From now on, any new features will increase the minor version digit. Fixes and improvements of existing functionality will increase the third digit.


  • ADDED: truncation support to DTCoreTextLayoutFrame
  • ADDED: DTAttributedLabel which can be used as a UILabel replacement
  • FIXED: GCD ARC errors and warnings with iOS 6 deployment target
  • CHANGED: DTAttributedTextView now uses the underlying UIScrollView contentInset
  • CHANGED: Improvements on DTAttributedTextView to prevent unnecessary re-layouting

Many thanks go especially to bkennyatmeetme who contributed the first 2 items.

The new version is on CocoaPods and you should get it by pod update. We are thankful for any kind of support that you are willing to offer for our fun project here.

You can use DTCoreText in your apps for free if you attribute it to Cocoanetics, or you can purchase a Non-Attribution License for 75 Euros in our Parts Store. This is basically the DTCoreText improvement fund, but you get an invoice for your contribution that you can use in your company.

We are also looking for sponsors for larger endeavors like for example implementing support for <table> tags or further improve CSS support. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. hi!
    I build a project depend DTCoreText .I want to select range on double click screen,but How can select right text range,such as Chinese.
    Thank you!

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