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iWoman 2.0.4

There was a stupid problem before this version that could only be seen by users who where traveling between time zones. Notes that you made for a specific date would disappear when you moved into a different time zone and reappear if you moved back. This taught me that it is a bad idea to use an NSDate for a primary key.

Updating a lower version iWoman will restore all entries that might have disappeared. In very rare circumstances – involving traveling more than 12 time zones – some entries might end up the day before or after the day they were originally entered on.

The second change came from a user request who wanted to see the day number on all days of the cycle view. Previously it would not be shown on fertile days.


  • FIXED: Items would vanish from calendar view if user moved between time zones.
  • MODIFIED: Now the day number is shown for all days in cycle view.

The update has been submitted to Apple and we hope for a swift approval.

UPDATE Sept 7th: the update is now available on the app store.

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