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LuckyWheel 1.1.1

The version with three ones is always something special for me. That’s why I added several features to LuckyWheel 1.1.1 that have long been requested.

  • ADDED: Button to turn on/off sound effects, so you can now listen your your music without disturbance
  • ADDED: End-Of-Round Screen which shows total standings so far
  • CHANGED: You no longer loose all your previous points when hitting “bankrupt” but just the current round ones
  • CHANGED: Game state is always being saved even when on the End-Of-Round screen. Continue then starts with the next round. If this already was the last round then no continue is possible.
  • CHANGED: A new design for the buttons to replace the previously used blue standard buttons
  • FIXED: 2 minor spelling mistakes corrected in proverbs
  • ADDED: Lite Version now showing ad banner whenever a computer opponent has his turn.
  • ADDED: End-Of-Round screen also shows an unobtrusive ad.

Since the Lite version is constantly being downloaded around 400 times per day I gave in to the temptation and added AdMob advertisements. I think they will make waiting for an AI opponent to finish less boring. When it’s your turn they always make room.

And to say “Thank you” to all those people who are downloading the Lite version we have doubled the number of available proverbs to guess for free!

Both versions have been submitted to Apple. Hopefully it can get approved soon so that you can reap all those benefits.
In Review

Update September 4th: After 13 days both updates have been approved and are now in the app store.

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  1. Oliver, I saw this comment of yours, you made on another blog:

    “It’s interesting to see how to use a script. Though I don’t quite get the reason for it. For my Luckywheel and LuckyWheel Lite I have the same project. The resources specific to Lite I have in a sub folder. Now all I needed to do is assign the regular info.plist and Default.png to the regular target and for the Lite target deselect those and instead select info.plist and Default.png from the sub folder. No scripting necessary. I still use a script though, to cut out only 10 questions per language file for the Lite version.”

    Ay other changes you had to make to set up your ‘lite” version?

  2. Well, different artwork, but that’s it.