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CRACKED! (But Surviving)

I woke up this morning finding over two hundred additional LuckyWheel installations. My first thought was that I must have striken a gold mine. I looked around for a new review, or if LuckyWheel got finally featured. Nothing of this sort.

Then I responded to a thread on iphonedevsdk forum regarding crack detection when I dawned on me: CRACKED! And if you google “Luckywheel IPA” you immediately find 3 sites that have posted a cracked IPA:

LuckyWheel Cracked

The right question to ask now is: AntiCrack still working?

And I can respond resoundingly – with proudly swelled chest – YES!

I checked the cracked IPA and found that all copy protection checks are still fully functioning. All those people downloading the cracked IPA are actually getting a limited Lite version without knowing it.

So either the cracker used an old version of Crackulous or it simply does NOT (YET) prevent the prevention. It just removed the Apple shrink wrap.

So what will happen is that all those people will find after 10 rounds that they have downloaded a Lite version and will be prompted to purchase the Full one. My current conversion rate from Lite to Full is 0.7%, so these more than 1000 additional customers might translate into ten or so additional dollars of sales every day. Not a gold mine, but still more business that I would have done without the additional marketing channel.

So the news are good! AntiCrack is still 100% safe and will continue to be because the community forming around it has begun to share knowledge as to make the copy protection even more secure.

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