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App Charts for May 12th

These are the current hottest apps in the whole wide iPhone World for today. Ranking data is provided by a site that is promising to provide ranking information that you can get nowhere else.

Top No. 1 Apps Worldwide in all categories
1. World Cup Ping Pong™ Lite
2. Need For Speed™ Undercover (International)
3. World Cup Ping Pong™
4. Camera Zoom
5. Racing Live – FREE for Limited Time!
6. Texas Hold’em
7. Skype
8. Chess Free
9. Tap Tap Revenge 2
10. 9-Toolbox (Free Event)
11. Airport Mania: First Flight
12. Leaf Trombone: World Stage
13. Wooden Labyrinth 3D Free
14. Headsup Hold’em Poker Free
15. iBASElite
16. Brain Tuner Lite (Free)
17. The Weather Channel®
18. Solitaire City Lite
19. Free Translator
20. Trivial Pursuit (International)
21. MotionX GPS
22. MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition (International)
23. Hangman.
24. Fluid
25. Stanza
26. Ferrari GT Evolution: Lite Version
27. Bloomberg
28. HearPlanet Free
29. Touch Ski 3D Lite
30. Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)
31. Flight Control
32. MotionX GPS Lite
33. Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel & WiFi)
34. Flick Fishing
35. iXpenseIt
36. ParkingLot
37. WritePad
38. Backgammon Lite
39. Cooking Mama Lite
40. Galaxy On Fire™ 3D
41. Human Atlas
43. QuickVoice Recorder w/Free Voicemail
44. Catcha Mouse
45. Who Has The Biggest Brain?
46. Lemonade Tycoon™ (International)
47. Television
48. Pyramid Bloxx FREE
49. Scrabble®
50. Bento

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