Our DNA is written in Objective-C

DTCoreText 1.6.1

For the most part this is a bug fix release on DTCoreText, but there are also two new little features in the demo app. This update was made possible by a generous sponsor.

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Undefined Symbols

OC asks:

“I’m doing some Objective-C exercises from a Big Nerd Ranch book, and I’m getting these errors. I’m still pretty lost in terms of how to handle unexpected errors and stuff, so I would appreciate the help.”

I’m going into go into much greater depth here answering this question, because of “teaching a man to fish”, ya’know.

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Apple Product Non-Placement

A German TV movie (based on a Katie Forde novel) has a scene where a protagonist views from photos taken with a Canon camera. Though there are several things wrong here that cause Apple buffs to wince.

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Zip Snapshot of GIT Repo

The sample apps I am making to accompany bug reports to Apple I generally create with a GIT repo behind them. I’ve gotten used to Xcode already creating a new repo when I start a new project, so why not make use of the GIT Goodness.

But when it then comes to attaching this project to a Radar I want the ZIP to be a small as possible. GIT provides several methods to achieve that.

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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.0

This update brings the new features and fixes from DTCoreText 1.6 to the editor component.

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International Internship Fail

Unhappy Intern

When I read this article about Unpaid Internships back in May I got a feeling that I should try to do something about this injustice. In fact I know of several companies here in Austria who are also receiving cheap labor from college students who just need a place to do some “research” for a paper or degree.

This article summarizes what I learned about Internships and some of the pitfalls when trying to do International Internships from the point of view of an Austrian company. Most of this probably applies to companies globally.

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DTFoundation 1.4.4

Gearing up for the upcoming 1.6 release of DTRichTextEditor I also figured that I could release a new maintenance release for DTFoundation. This version just tidies up a few project-related things, no real bugs.

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Linguan and Xcode 5

Some people have reported that on a system where they installed Xcode 5 in parallel they found that Linguan gets stuck opening projects.

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DTCoreText 1.6

Actually I wanted to release this as version 1.5.4, but frankly I got lazy trying to separate new features from bug fixes. So let’s call this 1.6.0 instead.

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USA Prepaid Data Update

Two years ago, for WWDC 2011, I researched how to get 3G data on my iPhone. Last year AT&T tweaked their policies slightly to make it more complicated to use prepaid data with smart phones. Since I got myself a phone with nano SIM (iPhone 5) since then I needed to do something again.

Also 2013 marked the first day when I brought my employee to WWDC and wanted him to have prepaid data as well. In this post I’m summarizing the current state of affairs as of Summer 2013.

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