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DTCoreText 1.6.9

This new version improves DTCoreText on many fronts. I wanted to get this out because quite a few improvements had amassed since 1.6.8.

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  • FIXED: Repackage headers needed from DTFoundation to static universal and Mac frameworks
  • FIXED: Duplicate symbol when using DTCoreText together with DTTransition pod
  • FIXED: Compiler warnings
  • FIXED: iOS 6-style attributes would not work on iOS 6 simulator
  • FIXED: Renamed instances of “class” to avoid conflict with C++ reserved word
  • FIXED: Method to set fallback font family would allow setting of invalid font family name
  • FIXED: Crash in DTAttributedTextContentView related to text box range finding
  • ADDED: BundleLoaderDummy to allow unit-testing code dealing UIFont
  • ADDED: arm64 support
  • ADDED: ability to determine attributed string size with unknown width
  • CHANGED: Updated DTFoundation requirement to 1.6.0

Several fixes were supplied by the community. In particular there was a situation where the NSFoundation version would differ for iOS 6 on simulator and device. This disabled iOS6-style text attributes on simulator.

For situations where there is an invalid font family encountered when parsing HTML, the font fallback family would be used. However this allowed setting an invalid family name. Trying to do that now causes an exception to tell you that you are doing something wrong.

For supporting arm64 many many loss-of-precision warnings needed to be fixed. Turns out the best method for doing that is to include a specific math library that comes with the system but does not seem to be enabled by default: tgmath.h.

Several problems were addressed by updating DTFoundation where used C-functions are now all prefixed to avoid conflicts with other libraries or pods.

Note: There is a known issue with CATiledLayer losing tiles. See my Radar here. There is quite a few people discussing this on the Apple developer forum. If having to wait for Apple to fix this is a major problem for you then you should replace it with a custom tiling implementation. My DTStripedLayer might be a good interim solution, though it is not production-tested. This can be found in the DTFoundation project in an Experimental subfolder. If somebody is willing to give this a good testing I can promote it to production status.

Note: The CGFLOAT_OPEN_HEIGHT constant has been renamed to CGFLOAT_HEIGHT_UNKNOWN.

The update is tagged on GitHub and also available via CocoaPods.

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