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DTCoreText 1.6.22

The previous release was almost 2 years ago, and several people requested this one, so I finally got around to doing it.

This is mostly a maintenance release, my reasons for not maintaining this project I did outline in the post accompanying the previous release. Here are the commits contributing to this release.

The biggest change came from Duncan Cunningham who removed support for static library and instead moved the default.css into the framework resources. DTCoreText uses this style sheet for formatting default values. In order to support static libraries is had to be compiled into embedded binary code. This proved problematic in newer Xcode versions.

Other fixes addressed some edge cases like illegal spaces in URLs, fixing a crash when using images in LI elements, fixing a ton of Xcode warnings and some small build fixes for tvOS.

I am thanking those who stubbornly stick with DTCoreText and keep contributing to it. The new release is available on Cocoapods and has been tagged on GitHub.

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