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DTDownload 1.1.3

In most modern projects we had moved to NSURLSession, but for a very dated codebase using DTDownload via Cococapods I needed to craft a new release which contained all the fixes for the 2 years since the version 1.1.2 release. It is tagged on GitHub and available via Cocoapods.


  • ADDED: downloads can be paused by setting concurrent downloads to 0
  • ADDED: Support for If-Modified-Since, treated as cancel in case of 304
  • ADDED: Download cancelling
  • ADDED: Progress for DTDownloadCache + DTDownload
  • FIXED: Problem with translucent images getting a black background
  • FIXED: Various build issues and failing unit tests
  • FIXED: Crash trying to decompress too large images
  • FIXED: Problem parsing CEST Time Zone
  • FIXED: Unnecessary image decompression if there is an image already in memory
  • FIXED: Podfile, DTAsyncFileDeleter is now subspec
  • CHANGED: Limit image decompression to single background serial queue

Some updates to the pod spec were necessary due to changes in DTFoundation, where DTAsyncFileDeleter was moved into a subspec.

Thanks to gugmaster for his contributions to this release!

Also published on Medium.

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