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DTCoreText 1.6.20

Since the previous maintenance release was 4 months ago, I decided to make a new release with the contributions made since then. DTCoreText is not being actively developed further by me because by this time the HTML-parsing capabilities built into iOS 9 and 10 are sufficient for most peoples needs. But since I keep getting good pull requests (with unit tests a welcome extra) I keep releasing these every couple of months.


  • FIXED: Crash when img tag had an invalid file URL to an animated GIF
  • FIXED: Superfluos import for framework-based umbrella header causing build issues
  • FIXED: Link will be nil when cleanString contains Chinese characters
  • FIXED: DTCoreTextLayoutFrame memory leak
  • FIXED: Certain truncations might cause a crash
  • FIXED: Skip unpaired bracket } & fix NSUInteger underflow in CSS parser
  • FIXED: Space to “apple converted space span” conversion for 2 spaces
  • FIXED: Text range for text block (for drawing background rectangle) might be computed incorrectly
  • FIXED: Crash with IFRAME src attribute had less than 2 characters
  • ADDED: Look for `DTCoreTextFontOverrides.plist` in the main bundle if its not found in the local bundle
  • ADDED: Expanded character decoding support in stringByReplacingHTMLEntities

Thank you to Kasper Weibel, David X. Lau and several contributors who have not set a proper name on Github, making it impossible for me to thank them by name.

At the time of this writing I have 80 open issues, but for the reason stated above I am going to close all of them for lack of activity. I’ve seen this practise in action on the Fastlane project. I will personally only ever work on an issue if somebody hires me to do so. Other issues will only be addressed if somebody provides a pull request.

For that reason, issues that basically say “I am a beginner and I cannot get the project to compile” are rather useless. Sorry, but I don’t have time to give free support or mentoring.

I’d rather be working on starting a new project that adds some missing functionality that Apple still hasn’t added to HTML parsing in iOS, specifically support for editing bulleted and numbered lists. In particular I am interested in adding proper handling for lists to UITextView which I am using in this app which we recently built for a client. I did it once before in DTRichTextEditor, we should be able to do that in a UITextView subclass as well.

But enough ranting, for those people who still insist on using DTCoreText, the update is tagged on GitHub and available via Cocoapods. I don’t know about Carthage, sorry. But I think somebody mentioned that this works as well.

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