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DTMarkdownParser 0.2.2

DTMarkdownParser is a sequential parser for markdown, with a similar sequential paradigm as NSXMLParser. I started this project in 2013 as a training case for TDD and going for 100% code coverage by unit tests.

Apparently this nifty little project of mine has some fans, so we are publishing a new release today to include all the improvements that were made in that 2.5 years… 😉


  • Jan Weiß fixed a HTML error in the SimpleHTMLGenerator Demo. He also converted the unit tests to XCTest.
  • Mikkel Selsøe Sorensen added the option to ignore URLs.
  • I fixed some warnings and carried out project updates recommended by Xcode 7.3

The update is tagged on GitHub and also available via Cocoapods.

Also published on Medium.

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