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DTFoundation 1.7.10

This bug fix release for DTFoundation addresses some build problems that resulted from updating to Xcode 7.3 as well.


  • FIXED: stringByURLEncoding returned incorrect strings with iOS 9 SDK
  • FIXED: Warnings related to modular header imports
  • FIXED: Compiler warnings for iOS 9
  • FIXED: [DTPieProgressIndicator] now using tintColor by default
  • CHANGED: Moved DTAsyncFileDeleter into separate sub spec

The first issue was severe because the behavior of the mentioned category method was complete wrong. Thanks Mohamed Hafez for reporting this!

I slightly modified DTPieProgressIndicator to use tintColor for the label and image because this makes it work well as subview of a UIVisualEffectsView with vibrancy. iOS always makes all UI elements vibrant that are using the tintColor.

The build problems also resulted in issues with DTCoreText and DTRichTextEditor. This should be fixed now as well, at least when they were caused by Xcode complaining about non-modular headers preventing parts from building.

Thanks for contributing to: Renzo Crisóstomo, Stefan Gugarel and Ian Ynda-Hummel  and René Pirringer

The update is available via CocoaPods and tagged on GitHub.

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