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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.11

I had moved DTRichTextEditor to be Open Source because I wanted bright individuals to be able to contribute to this complex component. I had hatched the plan to ask people who are using the component commercially to set a bounty for fixed issues. This is the second release where a bounty was successfully captured.


  • FIXED: Problems with dictation placeholder leading to crash or double text insertion
  • CHANGED: Updated DTLoupe to 1.5.7 – to support bundle in iOS framework

The bounty for this release was captured by Brian Lundgren. He did so by adjusting the way the dictation placeholder is handled. Congratulations!

I also set up a continuous integration build on Travis-CI, but found an issue in implicit dependency building, which I filed a Radar for. This is the reason why so many builds failed. I also tried the Xcode 6.4 image Travis-CI is providing for testing, but this does nothing to address the issue. Rather it has a different issue: the travis.yml script line calling appledoc does not appear to be working there, it just silently fails the build. So I reverted back to the standard settings.

I later found that DTRichTextEditor.framework for iOS was missing DTCoreText as explicit dependency. Once all dependencies are explicitly defined, Xcode does not seem to try to find the dependencies by itself.

The update is available on CocoaPods as well as tagged on GitHub.

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