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DTRichTextEditor 1.6.10

This is the first update since the project has been open-sourced. Together with the updates in all sub-modules it now supports Cocoapods frameworks and modules.


  • FIXED: Crash in DTLoupe
  • FIXED: Crash on iOS <= 5.1.1
  • ADDED: iOS Framework
  • ADDED: Support for CocoaPods frameworks and Modules

The most valuable contribution came from Amro Mousa who fixed an iOS 8 issue where rendering a snapshot of a layer with invalid dimensions would cause a crash.

This bug had been unfixed for a long time while the framework was still private. After the switch to Open Source and putting out a bounty on the swatting of this bug, it got fixed within a few days.

So I am cautionsly optimistic that the approach of publicly offering bounties seems to work. If only because issues get more exposure because of this.

The update is available on CocoaPods and tagged on GitHub.

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