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DTFoundation 1.7.6

This maintenance update fixes a few bugs in the ASN.1 parser and adds support for modules.


  • FIXED [DTASN1Parser] 2 Bugs
  • ADDED: Method for SHA1 generation
  • ADDED: iOS Framework

Since iOS 8 is supporting frameworks and iOS 9 being around the corner it made sense to add a DTFoundation framework target for iOS. At the same time, I used this to get it to play nice with modules because this is required up stream with DTCoreText.

The main driving force for the updates in this release was the need to parse In-App Purchase receipts on device. I found a scenario where parsing the ASN.1 data of receipts would fail because a large value turned negative because I was not considering the sign bit.

The update is available via CocoaPods as well as tagged on GitHub.

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