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DTFoundation 1.7.5

This maintenance update for DTFoundation contains a few fixes for the parsers and other minor fixes.



  • FIXED: [DTHTMLParser] Implemented check for invalid encoding when auto-detecting HTML encoding
  • FIXED: [DTHTMLParser] Added missing deployment target in pod spec to allow usage of parser under OS X
  • FIXED: [DTASN1Parser] Crash when parsing ASN.1 data containing Latin1 string, instead ignore the string contents
  • FIXED: Improved 64-bit handling in DTCoreGraphicsUtils, DTPieProgressIndicator and UIImage+DTFoundation
  • FIXED: DTPieProgressIndicator would not display properly when instantiated from XIB

This release’s MVP is Jean-Charles Bertin.

The fix for the ASN.1 parser is unfortunately only a workaround. Latin1 strings – if they are incompatible with UTF8 – are now simply getting ignored. This is still better than causing a crash, but a proper implementation would be nice…

I noticed the missing deployment target for OS X when using DTHTMLParser to build a web scraper command line utility. This works quite well for parsing HTML tables. Let me know in the comments if this would make a good tutorial.

The update is available via Cocoapods and tagged on GitHub.

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