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DTFoundation 1.7.0

This release of DTFoundation contains fixes for the most part, but also one new class DTProgressHUD. Also it is the first released via the new CocoaPods Trunk mechanism. This is why it gets a minor release number bump.



  • ADDED: DTProgressHUD
  • FIXED: Deprecation warning in DTActivityTitleView when compiling >= iOS 7
  • FIXED: Some targets where built only for 64-bit
  • FIXED: Warning about weak variable being accessed multiple times

DTProgressHUD was developed by Stefan Gugarel to have a modern HUD with a nice iOS 7 look. We had an older private version of this in some of our projects, Stefan cleaned it up and modernised it and not it is open source.

Thanks for other contributed fixes go to Jean-Charles Bertin and Ben Globism.

The update is tagged on GitHub and also available via CocoaPods.

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