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Book Updated (Again)!

Readers of my book get good news today! My publisher Manning released a new chapter for the early-access-version of the book.

Previously available chapters 1 through 5 have seen lots of improvements and clarifications based on valuable reader feedback as well as the keen eyes of my editor. The first 3 chapters are now locked for pre-production. That means that various experts are honing in on the manuscript and are putting the polish on for the bound book release!

It’s shaping up to be a really awesome publication. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book via Manning’s Early Access Program (MEAP) then please do so today!

Barcode technology is such an awesome combo with iOS 7 because of the modernized networking stack it offers. This makes it super-easy to retrieve product information over the always-on Internet for barcodes that your users have scanned. Without this a scanned barcode would only be a number, networking multiplies the benefit to the user by orders of magnitude. And smart networking – as I am going into – is what you as a developer want to implement.

I am particularly excited to report that with iOS 7 you have no longer any need for third-party networking libraries. This means that iOS 7 has all “on board” that you need to create awesome apps centering around physical products.

In the first half of the chapter I am explaining best practises about how to write a sturdy web service wrapper based on NSURLSession, in the second half I divulge the wonderful secret how to write unit tests for it that do not need an active Internet connection. Plus there are many bonus items, like using unwinding segues, asynchronous updating of Core Data databases and more.

Be sure to glance at the forum to voice your feedback and interact with other developers reading the book. I am monitoring it for good questions and suggestions.

Ch6 Update

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