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My publisher Manning  is highlighting 3 of their iOS titles on April 11, all three are the “Deal of the Day” meaning that you get 50% off with promo code “dotd041114au” if you purchase them on this day.


The three books cover different levels on iOS development, the “Hello!” one aiming at beginners, the “in Action” covering advanced topics and mine “Barcodes” going for a vertical slice of iOS 7 technologies. Manning has many more books to a wide range of development topics.

The titles with the MEAP stamp are still in development but you can preorder them to read all the chapters the authors have already handed in. Of course you also get the finished book (digital and/or soft cover) when it is done.

Hello! iOS Development

Hello! iOS Development

iOS 7 in Action

iOS 7 in Action

Barcodes and iOS 7

Barcodes with iOS 7

Brendan Duddridge – maker of the famous Tap Forms DB suite:

“Reading this book has made me very excited about adding barcode printing support to Tap Forms. The possibilities are endless and my mind is already buzzing with ideas. It’s a very well written book with tons of great information. Oliver has done a wonderful job and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters.”

Sean Williams – CEO & VP of Software Engineering rade eccles:

“I’ve been an SAP developer for 15 years and have extensive experience with implementing inventory management with barcodes.  We are developing a product for use in small business that helps with inventory control.

Oliver’s work with barcodes on the iOS platform gives us a great head start and will no doubt save us countless hours of effort.  It’s easily worth every Euro spent  and more.”

Tom Maes tweeted:

“Love the fact that someone is doing a deep dive into this topic. Lots of potential.”

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