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Google Analytics Alternatives

We use Google Analytics in some of our apps, but lately some people have grown dissatisfied with it. In particular non-technical people find it confusing how data is being presented. We iOS engineers had to wait for a long time for Google to finally add arm64 support.

So I asked on Twitter for recommendations.

Here are the results, sorted by number of times they were mentioned:

One interesting suggestion was to build our own, but why would we want to reinvent the wheel? So which to choose from the existing solutions?

Matt Bridges offered this guidance:

If marketers are going to be using analytics tools, Mixpanel or Localytics. If developers want data to play with, Flurry.

This is as far as my research went, stopping short of calculating cost. Google’s main advantage is that it is offering their analytics services for free. Most independent analytics providers need to charge for API calls above a certain level.

If you are unhappy with Google Analytics there are serval options to choose from. In my poll Mixpanel and Flurry were recommended most often. Some services allow you to install their software on your own server, calling it the “Enterprise” variant. In any case moving away from Google always comes at a price, be it in monthly charges or a substantial upfront free for a standalone installation.

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