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DTFoundation 1.6.0

There are some API changes in this release of DTFoundation that require a bump of the minor version.


  • CHANGED: DTReachability now passes DTReachabilityInformation to observers
  • CHANGED: DTReachability revamped to allow monitoring custom hosts, no longer a singleton
  • FIXED: Missing Code Coverage monitoring
  • CHANGED: Refactored DTZipArchive and added more unit tests for GZip
  • CHANGED: Prefixed some C-functions to avoid conflicts
  • FIXED: Analyze Warnings
  • FIXED: Some 64-bit and Xcode 4/5 build issues

This release’s MVP is RenĂ© Pirringer for adapting DTReachability to no longer be only a singleton. This was necessary so that he can better unit test his code using it, because working with instances of it allows it to be mocked. He also adapted the API to pass a DTReachabilityInformation instead of the raw network flags. This allows for simple convenience methods like -isReachable as opposed to having to check the flags yourself.

I took the opportunity and dusted off the read me. I added “programming guides” which are basically lists of the components contained in the various sub specs. Also I created a rudimentary setup guide.

The update is tagged on GitHub and also available via Cocoapods.

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