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DTCoreText 1.6.8

This update for DTCoreText is our most error-free release ever! We added tons of new unit tests and added code coverage monitoring via Coveralls. And in doing so we found a plethora of little bugs creeping around in little untested (“uncovered”) code.


  • ADDED: VIDEO tag with no direct SRC attribute will now use the first one from its child-tags
  • ADDED: support for letter-spacing CSS style (mapped to kerning)
  • ADDED: Proper nested lists support in DTHTMLWriter
  • ADDED: Code coverage support
  • FIXED: Resizing behavior of DTLazyImageView
  • FIXED: Potential dead-lock in¬†[DTAttributedTextContentView layoutFrame]
  • FIXED: HTML with lists might trigger a crash because an NSArray was mutated while being enumerated
  • FIXED: Output of nested lists was broken
  • FIXED: Elusive crash related to text blocks
  • FIXED: a situation where some whitespace does not get trimmed correctly
  • FIXED: CSS inheritance would clash mit direct inheritance of DTHTMLElements
  • FIXED: The “not-found range” {NSNotFound,0} was used incorrectly in several spots
  • CHANGED: Replaced instances of using DTVersion for runtime version checking with method recommended by Apple
  • CHANGED: Requires DTFoundation 1.5.4

Adding code coverage report generation aided greatly in finding some places where the code was misbehaving. I also found that code coverage analysis has sort of a “gamification effect”. You get motivated to try to spot some places that – if you write a proper unit test for them – can get your score a bit higher.

DTCoreText Code Coverage

Adding unit tests for fixed bugs – where possible – plus this extra motivation from the Coveralls chart increased the number of unit tests from about 110 to 160.

I was also able to get in a few very old feature requests that turned out to be relatively straightforward. For example adding support for the letter-spacing CSS attribute:

letter-spacing support

The update is tagged on GitHub and also available via CocoaPods.

Shout Out: doRadiology Apps

This edition’s shout out goes to several radiology apps by BestApps. For example Diagnostic Radiology – Dynamic Approach to Abdominal Radiology.

Radiology using DTCoreText doRadiology uses DTCoreText

According to the app’s maker “This app uses DTCoreText for everything”. This app got recently nominated Semi-Finalist by Radiology Website Aunt Minnie¬†for the Best Radiology Mobile App 2013 award.

Congratulations to doRadiology! Great to hear that DTCoreText has enabled production of such high caliber apps.

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