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BarCodeKit 1.2.0

This update to BarCodeKit establishes full compatibility for iOS and Mac. You can now use BarCodeKit to generate images of bar codes for display and print on both platforms with identical features.


  • ADDED: Mac Compatibility
  • ADDED: Demo App for Mac
  • ADDED: Option to specify barcode image background color
  • ADDED: Facing Identification Mark Code
  • ADDED: EAN-2 and EAN-5 Supplements
  • ADDED: Standard 2 of 5 Code
  • ADDED: Pharmacode One-Track Code
  • ADDED: Optimized Presentation for UPC-A
  • ADDED: ISSN Code
  • ADDED: ISBN Code
  • CHANGED: Codes now check if they are able to encode content and return an error message with the reason if not

All of the additional barcode types were implemented by Geoff Breemer. Many thanks!

The project now comes with both a Demo App for iOS as well as one for Mac that allows you to experiment with the rendering settings.

BarCodeKit Mac Demo

BarCodeKit iOS Demo

The update is tagged on the repository and also available via private CocoaPods spec.  The spec – just like the entire project – is now also for both platforms.

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