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BarCodeKit 1.1.0

As of this version BarCodeKit gains implementations for all of the most important 1D symbologies. Most of the work on this release was done by Jaanus Siim and Geoff Breemer in exchange for licenses to use this library for their own projects. BarCodeKit 1.1 is a free update for existing users and available for purchase on our Parts Store.


  • ADDED: Code 128 Implementation
  • ADDED: Code 93 Full ASCII Implementation
  • ADDED: Code 11 Implementation
  • ADDED: Code 39 Variants mod 43, Full ASCII (with and without mod 43)
  • ADDED: New drawing option for customizing the caption font
  • FIXED: Caption descenders get cut off for lowercase ASCII characters
  • CHANGED: Replaced caption drawing with Core Text
  • CHANGED: All codes cache their code characters after creating them
  • CHANGED: Demo App much improved

The new demo app has a table view that shows all sub-classes of BCKCode which is the root class for all code implementations.

New Demo Menu

The pages for the individual codes inquire the code classes which drawing options are supported and allow you to play around with the settings.

New Demo App

All polishing of the Demo App was done by Geoff Breemer.  Geoff also contributed the implementations for Code 11, Code 39 Variants as well as Code 93. Thank you very much!

Code 128 is way more complex than all the other codes, so I want to also thank Jaanus Siim for tackling the implementation there. I was over the moon when he offered to implement this because I was afraid of having to do that myself being overwhelmed by the work necessary. Jaanus did an outstanding job there as well.

The biggest change I implemented myself was switching from using the iOS 7 text drawing methods to basic Core Text. This allowed us to drop the iOS deployment target back to iOS 5.

Code 128

Changing the text drawing to Core Text should also make it Mac-compatible, though I didn’t look into that in detail. For this it would be nice to have somebody with a Mac-based work flow who would like to implement BarCodeKit.

We are very happy with how BarCodeKit has grown. If you have a fun use case for it or have requirements that it doesn’t meet please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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