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Rich Text Update 1.5

Today we are releasing the 1.5 version of our rich text components. This marks the second unified release where several parts of our rich text eco system are maturing in lock-step.

For the most part these improvements and enhancements were funded from exceptional sales of DTRichTextEditor as well as several sponsors who stepped forward to allow me to finally get support for lists implemented.

From what I can tell the clients who licensed the editor are way more willing to contribute funds to something they have already paid for, than for enhancing the – otherwise free with attribution – DTCoreText.


Here are the collected release notes:

DTRichTextEditor 1.5

  • ADDED: Implemented Support for Ordered and Unordered Lists, editable 1 level
  • CHANGED: Improved handling of nested lists
  • ADDED: Method to set text color for range
  • ADDED: Method to set strikethrough style for range
  • ADDED: HTMLStringWithOptions methods
  • ADDED: Ability to animate between input views (custom keyboards)
  • FIXED: style information would not obey custom CSS stylesheet in textDefaults
  • CHANGED: editing delegate now uses editorView:shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementText: for image pasting
  • ADDED: [DEMO] Formatting View Controller, shown as popover on iPad and input view on iPhone

Online Documentation

DTCoreText 1.5

  • ADDED: Methods for getting glyph path for glyph runs and lines
  • CHANGED: DTTextAttachment is now a class cluster
  • ADDED: Custom text attachments can now opt to participate in inline drawing and/or HTML output
  • FIXED: Loading of font table made asynchronously
  • FIXED: Fonts that have a synthetic slant matrix cause text to disappear
  • FIXED: Shadow:none causes text to disappear
  • FIXED: CSS Attributes were not case-sensitive
  • FIXED: Issue with setting color of HR
  • FIXED: Problems with nested list parsing and DTHTMLWriter output
  • FIXED: HTTPS URLS in web video view where treated as external URLs
  • FIXED: Bug where text attributes would “bleed” into the paragraph break

Online Documentation

DTLoupe 1.5

  • ADDED: sanity check to avoid rare NAN crash

Online Documentation

There is also now a Programming Guide for DTRichTextEditor where I’m collecting guides how to implement frequently asked about things.

I especially would like to thank Lee Hericks for his work on the backend and help with polishing, as well as Daniel Phillips who helped implement the format picker in the Editor demo. Here’s a screenshot.

DTRichTextEditor 1.5


Of course work has already begun on the next version. If you need something specific implemented please get in touch.

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