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DTRichTextEditor Framework Demo Updated

I finally got around to updating the DTRichTextEditor time-limited Demo for Version 1.5. The new version broke a few items in the Demo because of the introduction of the text attachments class cluster.

The Demo is available on GitHub, the only other ingredient you need is a time-limited binary build of the DTRichTextEditor.framework.


Using a framework is a bit a pain because there seems to be an issue with how the individual static libraries are merged. DTRichTextEditor.framework contains some compiled code plus merged-in versions of DTCoreText, DTFoundation, DTLoupe and DTWebArchive.

Somehow during the build process the debug symbols for the i386 architecture are lost. This results in warnings like this:

Dsymutil Warning

I’ve spend several hours on this trying to figure out how to fix this warning, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that this might be a bug in Xcode’s libtool that it loses the debug symbols for one architecture. What’s even odder is that you can still link the static library inside the framework with i386, armv7 and arm7s code. The only other method I see is to try a manual method of building a framework, but if the bug is in libtool itself then this should have the same outcome.

For now you have to either ignore the warnings or disable generation of debug symbols for the host app:

Disable Debug Symbols

If you know how how to fix that properly PLEASE let me know!

This is one of several reasons why I don’t recommend using the static framework version of DTRichTextEditor for deployment in apps. But a binary build is the only convenient way I know how to provide a demo version. All other integration variants have the source code; for obvious reasons I only want to grant access to code to people who paid for a license.

Personally I prefer to add this via git sub-module and Xcode sub-project. Integration via CocoaPods is also supported.

While I was fixing the build I also updated the demo itself to the latest version in the master branch. Daniel Phillips is working on polishing the UI for setting text formatting. I was always focussing on the editor itself and left the formatting up to the clients, but Daniel is doing a great job in building something that looks more like a serious demo.

DTRichTextEditor 1.5

The new format popover already replaces some of the test buttons on the input accessory view riding on top of the keyboard. The next major update there – which I have already seen on Daniel’s development branch also folds the paragraph and list formatting options into the format popover.

Sorry for taking so long to get it working again. I hope you enjoy the updates.

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  1. I try to run DTRichtextEditor Demo but error: DTWeakSupport.h file not found
    Please help! Thanks!

  2. thank you for reporting the missing header file in the DTRichTextEditor demo framework. I just fixed that, an updated version is available on the web server.

    kind regards

    Oliver Drobnik