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AutoIngest for Mac 0.4.0

This is the forth release of our handy little status bar app for downloading iTunes Connect reports to your hard disk.

I want to specifically highlight the new option to have your downloaded reports be automatically organized into folders for you, thanks to Felipe Cypriano.

Jan Weiß and Christian Pfandler collaborated on the new golden Apple Icon. The idea behind this – besides the reference to Apple, Inc. – is that apps are your golden Apples and this app is good for you because it lets you take a bite of this value.


  • ADDED: Option to automatically organize reports in folders by vendor id, type, sub type and date type
  • ADDED: App Icon
  • ADDED: Options for downloading Opt-in and Newsstand reports
  • ADDED: Notification Center message now shows number of downloaded reports by type
  • FIXED: Sync Now menu option wasn’t disabled if sync was impossible to do missing or wrong account info

We now also enabled (theoretically) downloading of the other report types offered by Apple’s API: Opt-In and Newsstand.

New Reports Tab

This gives you a great overview over what kinds of reports are possible. These combinations are mentioned in the iTunes Connect Reporting Guide as well as have been verified to exist by 2 people who have apps that produce these kinds of reports.

Please Help if You have Newsstand or Opt-In Reports

I have no ability to test these I have to rely on users who are willing to try this out. And preferably also fix it via pull request or by joining the team of developers.

There is a known issue with Opt-In reports. Those are zipped with a password and for the time being we have no ability to unzip these. Again this would require help of a developer who has Opt-In reports to test on. One feature that I would like to also add is support for adding multiple accounts/vendors and there you would also have a box to enter the Opt-In unzip password.

I hope you are enjoying this new version AutoIngest for Mac! It is available via auto-update, direct download as well as full source on GitHub. The binary builds have Sparkle for OTA updating and are signed with Developer ID.

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  1. I downloaded all my reports with the “uncompress reports” option turned on and they were uncompressed, but the .gz part of the filename at the and wasn’t removed. Is this a bug?

  2. @frankdilo If anything behaves in an unexpected way, that’s an issue. Please file issues at

    I will do a 0.4.1 release when I get back to the office on Monday.

  3. @frankdilo I created an fixed this, thanks for the report: