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DTCoreText 1.4.2

I forgot about posting a summary of the changes and updates in 1.4.1, and now I needed to release 1.4.2 as an interim release because I am working on a few improvements for 1.5 that are also potentially breaking some usage scenarios related to text attachments.

So here are the changes for 1.4.1 and 1.4.2:

Changes in 1.4.1

  • FIXED: Parser ignoring align HTML attribute
  • FIXED: Helvetica appearing thinner than normal
  • FIXED: DTAttributedLabel truncation
  • CHANGED: Method of determining paragraph ranges
  • ADDED: Option to disable Apple-converted-space

Changes in 1.4.2

  • FIXED: DTWebVideoView for Daily Motion
  • FIXED: textAttachmentsWithPredicate: not returning all attachments for nil predicate
  • FIXED: further fixes for DTAttributedLabel truncation
  • FIXED: Issue with list attribute not including to final \n of empty LI.
  • FIXED: Disable cell reuse in Demo because of variable height you need to do your own cell caching
  • ADDED: Feature to scroll a range to visible
  • CHANGED: Disabled forcing of Times New Roman as font for bullets
  • CHANGED: Replaced synchronization in DTCoreTextLayoutLine with @synchronized

Both versions as tagged on the GitHub repo as well as available through CocoaPods.

The upcoming 1.5 release will replace the contentType property of DTTextAttachment with a class cluster. Because of this it might require a few code changes if you are interacting with text attachments.

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