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Podcast #40 – “Happy Day” reaches their funding goal, Apple releases Xcode 4.4 and almost kills armv6 support and a crowdsourced system estimates review times more accurately.

Show Notes

Since July 10 when Apple has released the Xcode 4.4. GM they started to accept submissions made with 4.4. They specifically encourage developers to use the new Mountain Lion features in their submitted apps, specifically highlighting the “new cross-platform Game Center Groups, so they’ll be available when OS X Mountain Lion ships”.

Having a shiny new version of Xcode also raised the question whether we could also submit iOS apps with that. Some very early adopters reported being rejected for Xcode 4.4. being not yet accepted. But soon thereafter other developers reported successful submissions. So at present we believe that Xcode 4.4. can be used for building app store legal iOS apps.

According to Apple the only difference between Xcode 4.4 and Xcode 4.5 is that the latter includes the iOS 6 BETA SDK. Though there are also some important differences that I was able to see.

  • There is no iOS 3 or iOS 4 debugging support that you can download and use. Looks like you can only debug iOS 5 and 6 apps with Xcode 4.5.
  • Building for armv6 is will no longer be supported in Xcode 4.5. Also the minimum OS version you can target with it is iOS 4.3.

Apple reacted quickly to the problems with IAP. They published a document that shows how to validate digital signatures on transactions using some private API that they permit you use for this specific purpose.

At the same time as Mountain Lion also several other updates were released:

  • Java 2012 004 which I need for Charles
  • The SMC 1.5 update activated power nap for my 13″ Air
  • The iWork apps now finally have iCloud support

At 5:32 pm UTC has reached their funding goal of $500,000.


If you get an iOS or Mac app approved then tweet with #iosreviewtime or #macreviewtime ! A free site averages those:

To fix the problem of Reachability losing the ability of knowing that there is a connectivity.

To resign the keyboard from anywhere:

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