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iOS Today

Three years ago, I last visited the TWiT Studio in Petaluma, California. Located one hour by car north of San Francisco, the “TWiT Brockhouse” is well worth visiting if you are a fan of the shows that Leo Laporte and his team are producing there. I was guest on their show following the WWDC week.

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Podcast #45 – “Barcodes”

Oliver Drobnik talks about selling Linguan and why. Then why barcode scanning in iOS 7 is enough of a game changer to warrant writing a book and creating a web-based service.

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Podcast #44 – “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”

Toni Kaufmann and Oliver Drobnik chat about recent events, Toni shares some stories about where Microsoft has a leg up on Apple, and the history and future of WWDC.

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Podcast #43 – “Week of Tools”

David Mendels and Oliver Drobnik follow up on previous weeks topic “Women in Tech” and then discuss great new tools for developers.

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Podcast #42 – “Meet my Friend Dave”

Trying out a new format, a friendly chat with David Mendels a real professor and iOS developer. We’re talking from many topics from nano technology to how to get more girls into science and tech.

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Podcast #41 – “Megabytes of Who-Knows-What”

Apple updates Xcode 4.4, seeds the first point release for Mountain Lion, and somehow manual symbolicating of crash reports has become broken.

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Podcast #40 – “Happy Day” reaches their funding goal, Apple releases Xcode 4.4 and almost kills armv6 support and a crowdsourced system estimates review times more accurately.

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Podcast #39 – “WWDC, what next?”

Episode 39, recorded June 30th, 2012

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Podcast #38 – “Patents”

Episode 38, recorded June 6th 2012

I’m chatting with Jesse Goodman, a former patent lawyer, about patents.

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Podcast #36 – “Google Currents”

Episode 36, recorded Sunday May 6th, 2012

In this episode my special guest is Will Kiefer. He is the Senior iOS Engineer in charge of Google Currents. Will tells us why UIWebView isn’t all that bad and has some amazing performance tips for us with which to tame it. You should make lots of notes and you will feel like you visited a lab at WWDC and had your brain supercharged.

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