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GIC Acquires Cocoapedia

Grupo Imaginación Cibernética (GIC), a software development company based in Mexico, agrees to acquire Cocoapedia’s brand and assets after winning the bidding on Monday, July 16th. Cocoanetics sought to sell Cocoapedia because it no longer fit the company’s focus.


The transition involves transferring the current contents to a new server, transferring the two domain names Cocoapedia.org and Cocoapedia.com as well as the matching Twitter account.

Daniel Salazar, General Manager of GIC, on the future of Cocoapedia:

We plan to keep making it grow. There are lots of information that we as developers  need on the subject, specially, controls and source code you can purchase, like the ones you and others develop and which are a really great time saver on projects.

About Grupo Imaginación Cibernética:

We have 15 years experience in the mobile market. We started a long time ago with windows mobile. We are developing an RSS Reader for iPhone/Android/Blackberry/WP7. We sponsor several events in Mexico using this reader. Events in Mexico for Televisa, Telefonica, Blackberry and now the International Morelia Film Festival 2012 which begins in a few weeks. We also have about 2 or 3 million readers of newspapers in mobile phones using our applications. We publish law reference books in the same mobile platforms and have one of the most successful apps in Canada on this market. We sell this app as a white label app to publishers in Italy, Mexico and Canada. And now we are developing a Twitter monitor service for iPad.

We at Cocoanetics are delighted to have a competent company as GIC take on the responsibility of maintaining Cocoapedia as a research tool for iOS and Mac developers.

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