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Podcast #33 – “Rich Texting”

Episode 33, recorded April 14th, 2012

Everybody still waiting for WWDC. My MacBook Air misbehaves and thus I have no show prepared. But Kevin Smith from Dootrix saves us this week from having no show: we chat about Rich Text and the Simpl app which they made.



Show Notes

Kevin Smith is co-founder of Dootrix Ltd, a company that develops mobile apps for business and enterprise clients. We chat about rich text, display and editing and what went into the Simpl app they created for Simpl. And its all super-simpl, really… 🙂


Apps for taking only iPad to clients:


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  1. I just finished to listen this podcast, it was a pleasure to hear it, really interesting conversation.
    I’m happy to know that I’m not alone in the CoreText supporters team even if currently it seems that the winning side is the Web View one, looking at the success of apps like Instapaper, Flipboard and Early Edition (even if regarding this last one I’m not 100% sure if they’re using web kit).

    Anyway I played a bit with the Simpl app and I could experience the high quality of your DTRichText component that I didn’t know. It is very responsive, even with iPad1, no comparison with RTE done on the web view. Congratulations. Apple should give a look at it.