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My iOS-related Podcast started out as “Dr. Touch Podcast” and later we rebranded ourselves to the more unique “Cocoanetics Podcast”. Though the topics always revolved around iOS development, Apple in general ans the people involved in our profession.

After an extended hiatus planning has begun to revive the podcast. I like to invite your comments, wishes and ideas as to what you would like to see – or more precisely hear – in a podcast that focusses on your daily bread and butter.

This impetus actually came from a composer by the name of Jamie Harper. A couple of weeks ago he contacted me offering his services. I thought to myself “well if I get new theme music for the podcast then I’ll relaunch it”.

I was kind of thinking that I could probably either not afford the composition or that this would take a long time to get done. Often you are dealing with people who vocally offer some great services only to disappoint you and never deliver.

But Mr. Harper delivered and he delivered very well. Not only did he compose a very nice intro jingle, but also made me a shorter and longer outro. And he did that at an exceptionally affordable rate. You’ll hear this music on the next show that I shall record.

Speaking of which … In the past I would always to a summary of iOS development news focussing on the kinds of news that would only half-heartedly be covered by the mainstream media which focusses on Apple products and the consumer end.

Sometimes I had the opportunity to interview industry leaders like Ortwin Gentz from Futuretap. Those podcast episodes where always good fun.

Finally I did speculate quite a bit on the future direction that Apple hints at with their actions. Crystal ball looking if you will. I like to talk and voice my opinion, that is one half why I want to do a podcast (because the established networks keep ignoring me).

The other reason for “why now?” is that there really is no dedicated iOS development news podcast. If you are interested in how great Marco Arment or his coffee is, then there’s a show for you. But nothing really covers stuff that I as a pro developer find interesting.

So here’s your chance to help shape the future of the Cocoanetics podcast. What are you interested in? What is niche enough to not be covered by others?

Also, let me know if you want to be on the show and get some free advertising for your apps and services. You get airtime if you let me ask you some in depth questions in an interview.

Your comments welcome, either via the public comments or if you don’t want anybody to know just drop me a mail.

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