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BinPress Contest Results

Today BinPress announced the winners of the component contest. I had the pleasure of being one of the judges.

BinPress had custom-built an internal microsite for us judges where we could download the source code and fill in a form with our judgements. That allowed me to go into the components I was assigned to and really dig into the implementation details. Sorry, but I need to be wagging my finger here, all of the ones I saw had terrible form, little to no code style, the project setup generally was a mess and documentation non-existent.

But nevertheless a ranking was possible – especially because there where other equally important judging factors besides code quality. And so the shining winners are …


  • Third place goes to RadioTunes SDK for iOS which is basically a wrapper for FFmpeg to decode various formats of Internet Radio streams.
  • Second place is won by AsyncMVP which I have no idea what it does. Neither do I care because it is for Android.
  • First prize was iCarousel which gives us multiple forms of carussels, including cylindrical, flat and “CoverFlow” style carousels.

The grand prize winner combines amazing functionality with exceptional code style. He gets $1500 cash plus $10000 worth of other goodies.

So one way or the other participating in this contest was definitely worth it. For the winners because of the additional business their components are seeing now and the tangible prize money they are raking in. For BinPress because of the publicity and for me as a judge because I got to see code that other developers are selling. And the latter strengthens my own resolve to renew my efforts to write nicer code.

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