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Cocoanetics now with Proper SSL Certificate

Last week I finally gave in and shelled out for a wildcard SSL certificate for * This means that any address you have been using on this domain via HTTPS has been changed.

Previously you where using a self-signed certificate  which cause several problems, amongst those that you could not directly set up my Subversion repos you have access to in Xcode because you needed to first permanently accept the certificate even though it could not be verified. So you had to do the first checkout in terminal. Once accepted it would work in Xcode too.

This is no longer the case. To check out code from any repository you no longer have to jump through this hoop. Just so that you know, your convenience is worth $600 to me. 🙂 Please don’t smart-ass now how much cheaper a certificate for a single domain would have been, and YES I know that there are companies that give them away for free. I had a look at some, including StartSSL, but most of the free or cheap ones don’t do wildcards or subdomains

Since I have several sites I want to have covered (all on the same web server) I had to go for the wildcard option. If you access a repository which was previously set up with the self-signed cert then you might have to approve the change once more.

To see the change in action just check out anything that you have access to like this, in terminal:

svn checkout --username User

You should see … that you don’t see anything. For a self-signed cert you would get a message that the certificate is not trusted asking if you want to accept it temporarily or permanently.

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