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MyAppSales 1.0.19

The latest HotFix committed to the MyAppSales GitHub repo contain a fix for an AJAX change on iTunes connect.


  • Fixes a problem where only the first daily or weekly report would be downloaded.

The problem started to occur because apple added a javascript function call into the method to switch between days and weeks. Something to do with rate limiting, I think they now disable the download button while the AJAX request is ongoing.

Development of version 2.0 is still ongoing, you can sneak a peak on the development branch. There are a couple of  things to do before I can merge it back into master: changing the charting to DTChartView and doing the summing per app on a background thread.

In the future I am still hoping that the Open Source community will get a bit more involved than it has been. i.e. totally hands off. I’ve open sourced MyAppSales precisely because I was hoping for contributions, but I have yet to see the first.

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  1. would like to help. maybe someday. just too busy right now.

  2. I remember you saying you were thinking about Open Sourcing it but I must have missed the announcement that you did. Will have a look.

  3. Hi,

    Could you please tell me what version 2.0 will be, I am intending to make the app a universal app for use on the iPad. Is it what you are working on with the development branch?

  4. The development branch is the one that’s going to be 2.0.

  5. Hi Oliver,
    What I mean is I have no idea what the development branch is about. Have you put that information somewhere or I have to look at the git log to see what you are trying to do with that branch?

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