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iWoman 2.0.1

Right on the heels of the iWoman 2.0 major update this minor update addresses a couple of pressing issues:
  • Fixed: when updating from 1.x the bleeding values where incorrectly migrated. The values will be corrected from the periods.dat.bak file.
  • Fixed: crash on significant time change while app in background
  • Fixed: incorrect analysis text on Basal Temperature Tracker
  • Improved: Passcode Lock animations

Update Dec 31st, 2010: Update has been submitted to Apple. We hope for a swift approval.

Update Jan 5th: I was made aware that I had the deployment target on 4.2 effectively making the update unavailable for half of my user base. Because of this I pulled the 2.0.1 and submitted it again with a correction for this. This will delay the availability of this update once again.

Update Jan 6th: Update has been approved and will be downloadable shortly via the app store. Also because of the fierce competition we saw ourselves forced to drop the price permanently to $1.

The problem with the incorrect menstruation values came from an internal change to allow for importing another vendor’s file format. I had represented the values with 0,1,2 while the new representation was 0 for none, 1, 2, 3. This caused a medium value to become a low. A heavy became a medium and a low became an invalid value which got incorrectly corrected to medium as well. The fix will check for the backup file of the import and correct the values.

Then there was an annoyance which you would only see if the app was kept running in background over a date boundary. It would immediately exit i.e. crash. That’s fixed as well.

I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience these bugs might have caused and I hope that you will love to use iWoman even more now that you see how committed I am now to make it a pleasant experience.

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