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MyAppSales 1.0.17

With Apple totally revamping the “Sales & Trends” and “Financial Reports” they gave a shiny and wonderful AJAX Interface. But at the same time, because of the lack of a public API, this meant that we tool vendors had to burn some midnight oil to get our downloaders fixed up again.

This version of MyAppSales is a maintenance release with these goals:

  • navigate the AJAX pages to retrieve Daily, Weekly and Financial reports
  • adapt to the changes in the financial reports format (reports would be empty)
  • Minor tweaks, like use the smaller financial report description when displaying report sums

I am still working on migrating the database into CoreData to be able to make it 4.x compatible. Currently there are lots of caching mechanism that cannot handle when the app is being killed, like when you remove it from the recent apps list. Another problem is that settings will not be saved. So until further notice you have to keep building it against SDK 3.2, it will still run fine on your iPhone with iOS 4.x.

The update is in the trunk of the subversion repository.

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  1. Hi Dr Obnik, I purchased your MyAppSale yesterday, and has sent my payment through paypal. When can I expect the source code? thanks.

  2. Hey, Oliver!

    You might want to make a mention on your site ( about the new status and location of MyAppSales on GitHub.

  3. MyAppSales has stop working. It refuses to download daily sales anymore. Please fix.