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iPad Smiles

A friend/coachee of mine teased me with a picture showing him in loving embrace with this new iPad. I will be a couple more weeks until I can actually purchase one for myself. So I figured, I would want to give several developers that read my tweets and blog articles a change to show off their new iDevice as well.

We Europeans have a bit more waiting time, especially guys from smaller countries who want the iPad just the same, but have to bear Apple’s worldwide rationing of iPads due to initial touch panel shortage.

Stefan Sorin Nicolin, from Spielhaus FTW, illustrates for us the general mood amongst non-US-would-like-to-be-iPad-developers. He still has to imagine their famous Today ToDo app running on the shiny thing.

But for some the motto of this article is the opposite …

Smile! You’re Actually Holding an iPad!*

* …and are ENVIED by most of the rest of the world

Apple must be aware that some iPads are making an immediate run for the border right after having been sold over the counter in an Apple store. Thankfully there are no restrictions in being able to purchase iPad apps outside of the US.

The first iPad in the UK ended up in the hands of Andrew Weekes, author of Tweeterena 2 for iPad. Also available: Video Evidence of the unboxing with a funny comment by Andrew’s girlfriend at the very end.

Adam Krell, maker of FotoFind is starting on the iPad version soon. He feels young again when he looks at his iPad…uh, no, it’s actually his son who has different plans for using this very iPad. 😉

The first Austrian who got an iPad is Robert Meraner, in loving embrace with his “Precious!”

Derek van Vliet, Director of Development at Get Set Games, holding his iPad running their game PopTweets HD.

“AppStoreMod”, age 14, is the youngest iPad owner / developer I know. His first iPad app Game Plan is already published and his YouTube Channel has over 11,000 subscribers. I imagine he suddenly has even more friends.


Patrick McCarron appears to be really happy with the looks of his Shanghai Mahjong hybrid app on his new iPad.

Dylan Wreggelsworth, Designer, is excited about the future thanks to iPad. He now gets to design 4 times as many pixels. 😉

“Hmmmm. iPad you have. Smile you will”. Mike Sax lets famous Yoda do the smiling for him. And you can see that the iPad’s LED backlight is much too bright for most digital cameras. Or is it my website that’s so blindingly illuminating?

You still have a chance to rub in the fact that you have an iPad and I don’t. Just mail or tweet a photo and I’ll add it here.

UPDATE: … and here is mine. (Though I had to borrow the iPad for the photo)

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