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iPhone 5 Fake Rumor Roundup

Current rumors about the next iPhone are that it will have a 4″ screen, a smaller SIM card and will probably start with pre-orders on September 12th. We’ve heard all that, that’s old news.

Following in the footsteps of the fake Asymmetric Screws rumour which was planted by Swede Lukasz Lindell (and friends) I felt a sudden wave of sadness crush on me when I realized that I simply lack the amount of creativity that goes into constructing a good Apple rumor. If only I was creative enough to think of several such good and believable rumours, I could probably make a living just from the blog traffic alone. #linkbait

So I vented this frustration on Twitter and to my surprise many people took this as an invitation to chime in and also play the game. Here’s a roundup of the best fake rumors I’ve heard. If you respond with a good one I’ll add your contribution as well.

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LEGO: Life of George

LEGO’s Life of George game brings together 5 worlds like nothing else before:

  • 8-Bit Design
  • iPhone
  • LEGO bricks
  • manual interaction, a “touch interface” if you will
  • computer vision for gamification

Let’s have a quick look at this fun pastime that is all the rage.

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Perfect Diversion for iPilots: AR.Drone

When the online Apple Store started to carry the AR.Drone that was one of the quickest orders I ever made. Hey, it’s just $300 and as an iOS developer you can expense it touting that you plan to write your own remote control app for it given that is has an iOS API. Or so goes the reasoning. We need some bit of reasoning to offset the otherwise awesomely emotional purchase, right? (Also available on

I did not dare to do an unboxing video as I usually do with iToys because I figured I needed to learn to fly this thing first or otherwise that might be quite embarrassing to watch. Several weeks have passed now and I never got around to documenting my experiences I made. Until now.

So let me summarize all you need to know if you are considering getting one of these flying pieces of amazing engineering as a creative diversion next to your programming workdays.

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What’s your Poison?

I asked the Twitterverse the following question:

iOS Developers: Coffee or Green Tea?

I was only half-expecting useful responses. But since I got 23 answers, I figured I might as well tabulate them.

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iWoman Featured

René Lindhorst attended the MobileTech Conference in Munich in April. He snapped this picture of a slide stating “we use our phones to manage every aspect of our lifes”. You can tell that this conference was in Germany due to the misspelling of “lives”. 🙂

I still love that they chose our new 2.0 iWoman icon top left, as indeed my wife (and many other humans of the female persuasion) use iWoman to manage a very important part of their lives. And thanks for putting it in good company: I see Pages, Evernote, Carcassonne and Angry Birds there, all apps that I also have installed, too.

Shred Your Evidence In Style Like Dexter Morgan

On the Season 5 Premiere at 32:21 you can see how series protagonist Dexter (both a serial killer and a blood spatter analyst for the police) is destroying files about his victims.

When my wife saw that, she exclaimed “I want that!” which sent me to the Googles searching for what app this is. Turns out that quite a few people had a similar emotional response of “WANT” on seeing this on TV.

So in this article I’m giving you intrustions on how to achieve this.

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iPad Smiles

A friend/coachee of mine teased me with a picture showing him in loving embrace with this new iPad. I will be a couple more weeks until I can actually purchase one for myself. So I figured, I would want to give several developers that read my tweets and blog articles a change to show off their new iDevice as well.

We Europeans have a bit more waiting time, especially guys from smaller countries who want the iPad just the same, but have to bear Apple’s worldwide rationing of iPads due to initial touch panel shortage.

Stefan Sorin Nicolin, from Spielhaus FTW, illustrates for us the general mood amongst non-US-would-like-to-be-iPad-developers. He still has to imagine their famous Today ToDo app running on the shiny thing.

But for some the motto of this article is the opposite …

Smile! You’re Actually Holding an iPad!*

* …and are ENVIED by most of the rest of the world

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Developer Name Calling

I decided to concentrate on the iPhone platform back in Fall 2008 shortly after the general availability of iPhone SDK 2.0.  Since then I was frequently facing the necessity of describing what I do in a few words. Generally I described myself as “iPhone Developer”. But then two generations of the iPod Touch became just as important in sales as 3 generations of the iPhone and now Apple is releasing yet another category of device running iPhone OS, namely the iPad.

So the name “iPhone Developer” does not really feel like it encompasses all 3 device types. Especially if you are talking to laymen who don’t know about the OS being the common ground between all of them. So I asked the Twitterverse, with interesting and sometimes hilarious results.

“What should we call a developer who concentrates on developing for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad”?

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Dr. Touch Fan Video

Sometimes I’ve been known to accept services as payment for services rendered. This is one example where a fan offered to create a promo video for me. He’s probably the youngest member of my Cocoa developer network but seems to be full of creative urges.

Cheesy or Cool? Leave a comment what you think!

PS: If you are looking for Hebrew localization for your apps this young person might be your man inexpensive choice.